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Terms of Service

Attention all customers using email.

You will receive a response to your email if it comes through. If viruses are detected in your email it is automatically intercepted and deleted. These emails are not available for me to read so if you do not receive a response please call me. So if you send an email and don't get a response you may want to scan your system! Email is unreliable at times and I enjoy direct communication with my customers so don't hesitate to call.

Contact Us - 866-216-0925

Kert Cohoon, DIY4X
310 Main St.
Little Rock, IA 51243


Custom requests need to be phoned in to Kert at 712-479-2252


Items can now be powder coated. Some items will have a powder coated version listed in the product options. If the item you are interested in does not show a powder coated option, it is still available. Please call to place your order if you are interested in powder coat but you do not see the option listed. More items will be listed with this option over the next few weeks. If the item you are interested in has a powder coat option but the option is not the color you want, this is also available by placing your order over the phone. For more information about powder coat, colors, and pricing contact Kert at 712-479-2252.


If you wish to pay by money order, phone Tracy at 712-472-0200.


ALL RETURNS OR EXCHANGES MUST BE ASSIGNED AN RA NUMBER! You must call us to receive your RA number. If items are returned without an RA number, they will not be accepted or refunded. The RA number must be written on the outside of the box and also included with the parts inside the box. If you are unsatisfied with your product we will issue a refund minus a 10% restocking fee on any unaltered normally stocked item. If you wish to exchange your item for a new or different item, returned items must be received before replacements can be sent out. If you need the replacement item more quickly, we will charge you for the replacement and send it out immediately. This amount will be refunded when the original item is returned. Custom items are built to your specifications so there are no refunds on these products so be sure to specify exactly what you want. Normally stocked items are anything that can be ordered with a part number from our website. If there isn't a part number with it, it's a custom item.


Normal delivery is UPS ground and US mail. Larger items will be shipped via truck freight. For custom items DIY4X will work with you to find the best shipping method. In stock items ship next day. For your custom requests we will work out the timing when we discuss your needs 


Anyone ordering internationally or from Hawaii or Alaska will need to phone their orders in so that correct shipping totals can be applied.


If your products are damaged in shipping, please file a claim with either UPS or USPS, depending on the shipping method used, immediately. You are in a much better position to file a claim as you can see and describe the damage that we can not see.


Your privacy is important to us. We will not disclose any of your personal information to anyone under any circumstances.