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Razorback Diff Cover - 14 Bolt FF

Razorback Diff Cover - 14 Bolt FF
Here is a diff cover for your full size. 3/8" thick Bolt ring and 1/4" throughout the rest. This design is a little lighter than some of the differential covers out there these days. The cover gets it strength from the spines or what some have called "Rock Razors." Each one of these acts as a "bridge" over the cover. All of them welded completely solid. The cover is welded inside and out and welded on a fixture. Each one is bolted to a 14 Bolt Full Float housing to insure fit every time without exception. Ships unpainted.

More models coming Soon!
SKU 00212
Weight 18.00 lbs
Our price: $188.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: mike fowler
    Very heavy, solid build and just mean looking.
    You could bust rocks with these diff covers.