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Shackle Frame Eye Hanger Front

Shackle Frame Eye Hanger Front
These were done as an option to those running narrower front springs like the ever popular 52's or 56" rears. Quite a bit stronger than factory and already designed to accomodate the narrower springs. Made from 1/4" steel and .25 wl. Dom tubing. Not shown in the photo but these do come with Greasable Poly bushings and sleeves. 9/16" bolts are required. If you need some let me know. We have both greasable and standard bolts.

Now includes all bolts to attach the hanger to the frame.

Fits 1973-1987(91) full size Chevy trucks, blazers, and suburbans.
SKU 00380K
Weight 5.00 lbs
Our price: $114.90
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: mike fowler
    These are an absolute pain to install thanks to needing to open hole in frame up which takes patience but once accomplished you'll love the look and feel. Much stronger and bigger than factory.