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S1104 Pitman arm

S1104 Pitman arm
This is the Superlift Pitman arm commonly used with the Chevy crossover steering conversions.

The taper is correct for the ES2010 type end as is. We can also ream it to fit the bigger ES2026R and ES2027L type drag link ends.

We have another option for you. We are now offering this with the drag link taper flipped to the other side. This will give you more clearance on your leaf spring and it just doesn't get any tighter than this. It's nip and tuck close to the frame. Just as much clearance as can be achieved. With the drag link end on top of the pitman arm, you'll need to watch your clearances closely. In a hard left turn with the passenger side at full droop, interference is possible. A slight amount of clearancing will make all the difference. This option will only work with the ES2026R and ES2027L drag link ends. The larger taper is required for reaming from the opposite side.

If you have questions, give me a call.

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