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Customizable Rock Sliders

Customizable Rock Sliders
78-91 Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy

There are lots of options to customize these to your liking! Our fixtures are set up to allow 25* of rotation in the "rash" tube either up or down or any 5* increment in between. 25* of up rotation is as close to the door as I'd like to get. Maximum Clearance to the obstacles. 25* down of course is a loss of clearance. This may be an option for some who need a leg up into their rig, think step. 0* or flat out is going to keep your rockers the furthest away from the obstacles.

Base unit as pictured comes with a standard center stantion tube. Optionally you can have it with 2 stantion tubes equally spaced. We can also do fill plates with 10 ga. steel and burn them out to look however you like, Screen names, Club names, logos.... whatever floats the boat! This is a valuable option. Keeps feet from getting caught in between the main tube and the rash tube! I can't imagine how much it'd hurt if your ankle got caught in there and you fell! OUCH!

Some of our features, ends of the main tube are cut at a 45* and capped to ease transitions. Mounting hardware is included but not shown in the photos. 6 - 3/8" grade 8 bolts and nuts per side along with a backing plate for the rocker support. This helps spread the load of the bolts over the greatest area possible. Gusseted mounting brackets. These come with satin black powdercoat as the standard finish.

Check out some of the custom alterations we have made in our Additional images!!

Degree changes are no extra charge. Extra stantion tube is minimal and fill plates are case by case. Call to order.

78-91 Chevy blazers and GMC Jimmy - Part no. P-01600-01 - $307.75

Rock Sliders install video:

SKU P-01600K-01
Weight 81.00 lbs
Our price: $307.75
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