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Aluminum Shift Knob

Aluminum Shift Knob
Aluminum shift knob, available in an assortment of patterns and thread sizes. With our two part system we can mix any knob pattern with any thread size. 2" diameter at the top.

Currently we have 7 different shift patterns and 5 different thread sizes. Right click on the detailed images and open in a new window.

We'll add more as demand requires. We've already started on doubler and twin stick knobs, both standard orientation and inverted.

When you order a knob you get that knob.

When you order your threaded insert, you get the insert and a tube of Loctite 620 sleeve retainer.

Mix and match and put your set together, select the knob from the drop down menu and add to cart, then select your thread size and add to cart. Be sure and check out our install video for install tips.



Shift knob selection:
1.05000 (DIY4X LOGO)
2.05010 (BIOHAZARD)
3.05015 (NV4500)
4.05020 (SM465)
5.05025 (NP203)
6.05030 (NP205)
7.05035 (NP208/241)
8.05045 (Range box)
9.05050 (Twin Stick - front)
10.05055 (Twin Stick - rear)

Thread size selection:
1.3/8" x 16TPI
2.3/8" x 24TPI
3.7/16" x 14TPI
4.7/16" x 20TPI
5.1/2" x 13TPI
SKU 05000
Weight 2.00 lbs
Our price: $22.00
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