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Multi-hole beadlock

Multi-hole beadlock
Each Bead lock kit comes with the inner ring and outer ring of the design you choose. The Double Ripper bead lock is a slightly different design. The inner and outer rings both have the "Ripper" cut to them. this gives you more of a 3 dimensional look to the finished product.

These kits are designed with the "DIY'er" in mind and are available in two styles depending on what method of welding you intend to use. Inside the lip is designed to drop down in the rim and create a small gap to fill in with the wire feed welder. Outside the lip is just that, your weld seem will be on the outside of the lip. This style works really well if you intend to tig weld the rings in place.

All rings are 1/4" thick steel with 32 holes for 3/8" bolts. Often we are asked why we do not supply the bolts with the kits. We can, however, most times, with the added weight of the bag of hardware it bumps shipping up enough to be not worth the difference. If you simply don't want to get your own hardware, call us to make your order and we'll get them for you.

I'm often asked about anti coning rings. We do not make them. The best solution for this I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot, is a wider "V" belt of the appropriate diameter for your beadlocks. The advantage of a "V" belt is it will squish down along with the bead of the tire.

If you have any questions, give me a call.

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