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DIY4X Logo Lock beadlocks

DIY4X Logo Lock beadlocks
Each Bead lock kit comes with the inner ring and outer ring of the design you choose.

These kits are designed with the "DIY'er" in mind. The inner ring is slightly smaller than the lip of your rim. Designed to drop down in the wheel. This makes for a very easy wire feed weld.

All rings are 1/4" thick steel with 32 holes for 3/8" bolts. Often we are asked why we do not supply the bolts with the kits. We can, however, most times, with the added weight of the bag of hardware it bumps shipping up enough to be not worth the difference. If you simply don't want to get your own hardware, call us to make your order and we'll get them for you.

I'm often asked about anti coning rings. We do not make them. The best solution for this I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot, is a wider "V" belt of the appropriate diameter for your beadlocks. The advantage of a "V" belt is it will squish down along with the bead of the tire.

If you have any questions, give me a call.


Please call for details - 712-479-2252.
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