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UD Spring Plate Pair Pocketed

UD Spring Plate Pair Pocketed
UD spring plate pair pocketed
This is a pocketed spring plate for front axles.

What this means for you...the factory designed many of our front axles to use a 3" wide spring, however, our lift springs and other common spring swaps use a 2.5" wide spring. This causes is a 1/4" gap on each side of the spring. This gap allows the spring to fan out if clamps become worn or damaged. This also causes a weakness concerning the u-bolts and the spring plates and how they squeeze on the spring itself.

Adding the 1/4" thick pocket sides to the spring plate removes the gap, keeps all the leafs in line, keeping your spring rate true and allows the u-bolt to pull the axle and spring together more evenly.
SKU P-00197KP-01
Weight 7.00 lbs
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