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Dana 60 Axle

Dana 60 Axle
If you're looking to upgrade to a Dana 60, here's your shot at one fully setup for the trail.

This Dana 60 axle is a unit we built up on our live facebook videos. We have been warehousing it for a future project. Time to make some space.

This has had some work done to it. The tubes are welded to the center section. The knuckle reinforcements, both inner and outer have been welded on. The axle comes complete with our cross over, high steer, Flat back diff cover and hydraulic ram assist steering with our tower mount already welded on and our tie rod clamp. The factory sheet metal spring perch on the passenger side has been boxed in and both perches have been drilled 1" back for offset axle location.

Included but not pictured, hubs, lock outs, brake calipers, factory axle shafts, hydraulic ram, drag link for your application and a pitman arm for the cross over system.

Not included, brake rotors, wheel studs, carrier, gears or yoke.

This axle has been sand blasted clean and powder coated satin black.
SKU Dana 60 axle
Weight 600.00 lbs
Our price: $2500.00
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