DIY4X news and information:


We have been extremely busy with large items since the beginning of the year. Currently all large items (bumpers, dashes, rock sliders, roll cage kits, etc) are experiencing extended lead times. For these call to order items, you can expect a lead time of approximately 10 weeks. This is an approximation, your order could take a slightly longer or slightly shorter amount of time. Please take this into consideration when placing an order for any of our tube work, bumpers, dashes etc.

Currently all online orders will have a lead time of approximately 1 week before shipping. Due to the price and availability of steel, all kit items are being cut to order. This means they will have to be cut, bent, welded, sand blasted, and powder coated before being shipped out. We thank you all for your patience. Please call us if you have questions regarding lead times for a specific item. Large items like bumpers, tube doors, roll cages, etc will have an extended lead time beyond 1 week. Please call for information on these items.

Our age old shipping problem has returned. Due to an issue between x-cart and UPS some shipping amounts are being miscalculated. If this happens to you when placing an online order, please do not panic! When I receive the order and it is processed I will recalculate the shipping costs and any amount overcharged will be refunded back to you. As always, we will make sure that you are only charged for exact shipping costs for your order. Thank you to all our customers for your patience and understanding. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.