DIY4X news and information:

Due to shortages of sheet steel, all items are currently being cut to order. We have no finished product items on the shelf at the moment. We can still make your parts, but there will be fabrication time on almost all items. Small items, like greaseable bolts, steering box caps, ez inch, etc., are still available; but all kit items will have a lead time of about 1-2 weeks depending on the kit ordered. We appreciate your patience.

We need to state this again for those who either forgot or never read this message in the past. Custom powdercoat colors and item customization CAN NOT be requested in the comments section. Color changes are considered a custom request and there is a charge for custom work; therefore, those requests must be called in for the appropriate charges to be applied. Custom colors requested in the comments section will be disregarded and you will receive the standard Satin Black powder coat color. Also, requesting an item in a different size or with different hardware or with a different cut out, in some cases, is also considered custom work. The pricing for custom work will not be applied when ordering online. Larger size hardware is usually more expensive, so ordering one size and then requesting a larger size, clearly will not be the same price. In these cases, you will receive the size you ordered and paid for.

Be sure to check shipping options at checkout. Some items are available with flat rate shipping. Also, please be aware, although several shipping methods are available, some items do require fabrication time. These items can be shipped using all shipping methods available but that does not guarantee they will ship the same day they are ordered.

Our age old shipping problem has returned. Due to an issue between x-cart and UPS some shipping amounts are being miscalculated. If this happens to you when placing an online order, please do not panic! When I receive the order and it is processed I will recalculate the shipping costs and any amount overcharged will be refunded back to you. As always, we will make sure that you are only charged for exact shipping costs for your order. Thank you to all our customers for your patience and understanding. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.