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Have you ever wondered how those trucks can crawl up those extremely steep grades over jagged rocks with hardly a tire spin? I'll tell you one thing that helps. Letting some of the air out of your tires will go along way for gaining traction. This allows the tire to conform to the terrain allowing it to "bite" into as much surface area as possible. Another benefit of "airing down" is an increased amount of flotation over loose surfaces. Of course there are side effects to running low tire air pressure. The worst of which is making the tire pull away from the rim. That is where beadlocks come in. This is a weld on kit that after assembled literally bolts the tire to the rim with 32 bolts. I have had mine down as far as 7 psi and no problems so far! If you see a design here that you like or have something else in mind let me know and we will work something out.

Pricing largely depends on style chosen and the amount of detail involved. If you have a custom request please call or email me and we can discuss your beadlocks.

When ordering beadlocks You need to know what method of welding you plan to use to put these on your rims. For wire feed welding you should order the "Inside the lip" part no. For Tig welding you should order the "Outside the lip" part no. These beadlocks are designed to aid you in the welding task to help prevent pinhole leaks or leaks at the weld joints. Of course welding should be done by a certified welder. Beadlock pricing is per wheel. This includes inner and outer rings of your choice, no hardware included. I am often asked why I don't include the hardware. To put it simply, it would be a disservice to my customers to include the hardware. Many of these kits shipping weight is close to the UPS 70lbs. maximum. When you include hardware the shipping weight is increased and UPS hits you hard for that. Bolt length also depends on rim selection and tire bead thickness, so to get the optimum bolt length you really need to see how it will all go together.

Each Bead lock kit comes with the inner ring and outer ring of the design you choose. The Double Ripper bead lock is a slightly different design. The inner and outer rings both have the "Ripper" cut to them. this gives you more of a 3 dimensional look to the finished product.

Hardware required is 3/8" grade 8 bolts, ranging from 1.25" long to 1.75" long. We strongly recommend 3/8" steel pinch lock nuts. Of course washers should also be used.

We do not keep all sizes and designs on the shelf. Most beadlocks will be cut and finished at the time of order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing, cut time, and finish before shipment.


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