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Garage Sale

In this category you will find items that fit the following descriptions:

Purchased new for a build and then the plans changed and we no longer need the item.

Used items that still have good life in them.

Items salvaged from parts trucks or project trucks that are just to nice to send to scrap.

Blems from our production line. These are pieces that are not quite up to snuff but will still work quite well, sometimes requiring a little extra work on your end.

We will do our best to describe the items accurately. The are available for purchase online however, you are encouraged to call and ask about the items so you can be fully aware of the condition of each item. There are no returns on these items. There are no warranties on these items.


2 Gallon Fuel Tank
Aluminum Bottle Rack
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Transfer Case Torque Grommet Kit
Vibrant Performance Hose End Fittings
Weld Racing Drag Lite