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Adjustable Bump Stop

Adjustable Bump Stop
This is a quick one we whipped up to solve an issue on one of the shop rigs before we went to an event with no time to spare. So far, it has been working out well and due to some demand, we're putting it up on the website.

Simply put, its an adjustable bump stop that is designed to use the OEM bump that you find on the bottom side of the frame at the rear of the front leaf spring. No bump is included in the kit. If you no longer have this bump or it isn't in the condition you're looking for, any slapper type traction bar will have a similar rubber bump. When we get the chance, we'll get some poly bumps in the shop and add them as a part of the kit.

All 1/4" steel plate. Meant to be used on the front of the 73-87(91) full size chevys.

Bolt on version now comes standard with satin black powdercoat. Weld on version will be shipped bare steel.
SKU 02040
Weight 5.00 lbs
Our price: $105.00
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