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Dana 70 Disc Conversion Kit with rotors

Dana 70 Disc Conversion Kit with rotors
Dana 70 Disc Conversion kit with rotors
This disc conversion kit is a weld on kit that gives you a removable bracket in the end. Designed this way so you have no spacers what so ever and still have a removable bracket. You get everything you see in the photo X 2.

Both the bracket and weld flange are 3/8" thick steel CNC cut for a precise fit! The flange is NOT threaded. So you will never have to deal with damaged threads in the flange. If a bolt or nut are to become damaged just replace and go again! Simple and effective. Hardware consists of 1/2"x 20 grade 8 bolts and nuts. Yes, the nuts are grade 8 nylocs. Loc washers are a high alloy for a long lasting hold.

This kit will include the rotors as well. The rotors are not an off the shelf item. Dana 70 hubs (that we have seen) require a larger center hole. This is the reason for non standard rotors. Rotor availability is no problem we have them on the shelf now! This kit uses the same caliper as our 14BFF kit. A 76-78 Eldorado caliper or a 71-87 GM 3/4 ton 4x4 front caliper.

Select either the Dana 70 kit or Dana 70HD kit. The only diference is the center hole diameter in the weld on flange.

ATTENTION! Your wheel stud splines should not engage the rotor. They should drop through the rotor easily. If the splines engage the rotor the rotor will crack. Wheel stud splines should be a press fit in the hub only.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ben Jackson
    I purchased this kit for my 96 Dana 80 DRW out of a Dodge Ram 3500. After talking with Kert about the kit, and he told me that for all intensive purposes that the 70HD and Dana 80 share the same parts from the spindle out. He was correct. That being said, I don't think that many people, if any at all (I very well may be the first) have used this and kept a DRW configuration. If you plan on doing that, there are some things you need to know. There is only one lug stud manufactured that will work in this kit with a DRW setup. That is the Dorman lug stud #610-563. These particular studs are anywhere between 9 and 12 dollars each, and unfortunately you will have to replace all 16 of them as the rotor now goes behind the hub and the drum was originally a slip over style. Also, the drums on the D80 (Can't speak with certainty on the D70HD) are hub centric. The outer portion of the hub that the drum bore rides on is larger in OD than the portion of the hub that the hub centric wheel rides on. When you pull the drum off, the wheel physically will not seat against the hub flange. You must turn that small portion (about .25" from the hub flange face) down about .025" for the wheel to sit properly on the flange. Let me clarify that none of this is the fault of DIY4X. They make custom parts, and can't be expected to know the intricacies of every axle and hub assembly out there. I just wanted to make sure that future customers were aware of some of the hurdles they will face if they choose to do a disc brake swap on a D80. I would do it again, without hesitation.