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Jack Axle Saddle

Jack Axle Saddle
You know what a pain it is to jack up the front of our solid axle trucks. With the differential offset, you have to jack up both sides of the truck seperately. Then on the short side, sometimes its hard to get a jack stand under there so you can get the jack out. Not to mention making the first jack stand you placed unstable.

How about that axle you have in your shop that you want to move.

Or here's another, we've all installed an axle under our rigs at some point and trying to keep the pinion pointing up while wresting the axle around and lining up spring center pins with the perches.

Well no more! This Jack axle saddle is an adjustable cradle that will allow you to lift any axle from the center and distribute the weight equally. Control the pinion angle as you move it in to place.

This is not a substitute for jack stands but rather a more effective way of controlling the axle while lifting it.

Your jack must have a removable top plate with a 1 3/16" hole in the center commonly found on 3 ton floor jacks.

The kit contains:

1.jack saddle
2.pinion support
3.pinion support extension
4.Anti rotation plate with jack pin
5.Hardware kit

Check out the video to see it in action:

DIY4X floor jack axle saddle
DIY4X Jack Axle Saddle
SKU 04075
Weight 20.00 lbs
Our price: $142.50
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